Candace Havens has been the keynote speaker at International events for several organizations. She has classes, workshops and motivational speeches for writers and non-writer events.

“Dream Big” is Havens’ motto and her topics include:

  • Dream Big, Write Big: Get Published
  • Dream Big: Make it Happen Now
  • Dream Big: Use Your Talents
  • and many others…

Her writing classes include:

  • Fast Draft: A Book in Two Weeks
  • Revision Hell and How to Get Through It
  • Finding the Book Ho in You
  • Why You Need an Agent and How to Get One
  • In the Trenches: Publishing 101
  • High Concept/Big Tent: Sell Your Book
  • How to Make Money While you Wait for the Call
  • Writing the Proposal
  • and many others…

Her motivational workshops include:

  • Dream Big: Make it Happen
  • Following the Dream
  • The Spirit of Women
  • Finding your Passions
  • The Diva Connection
  • and many others…