Fast Draft Class: Write Your Novel in Two Weeks

Write your first draft in just two weeks using these helpful techniques. Teach your brain how to dip into that well creativity that’s waiting for you. These series of videos will help you write faster than ever.


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Candace Havens has been the keynote speaker at International events for several organizations. She has classes, workshops and motivational speeches for writers and non-writer events.

“Dream Big” is Havens’ motto and her topics include:

  • Dream Big, Write Big: Get Published
  • Dream Big: Make it Happen Now
  • Dream Big: Use Your Talents
  • and many others…

Her writing classes include:

  • Fast Draft: A Book in Two Weeks
  • Revision Hell and How to Get Through It
  • Finding the Book Ho in You
  • Why You Need an Agent and How to Get One
  • In the Trenches: Publishing 101
  • High Concept/Big Tent: Sell Your Book
  • How to Make Money While you Wait for the Call
  • Writing the Proposal
  • and many others…

Her motivational workshops include:

  • Dream Big: Make it Happen
  • Following the Dream
  • The Spirit of Women
  • Finding your Passions
  • The Diva Connection
  • and many others…